Almost 5 years to the day, Casey Stengel returns to oh Murph to give his perspective on the 2014 Mets.

Oh Murph: Casey, we’re once again honored to speak with you. Do you still like our site?

Casey: Yeah, I do son, but you guys kinda strolled through the season, didn’t ya? Sorta like the Metsies did. Kinda showed up once in a while, had a great effort here and there, but for the most part ya sashayed through it like you’d rather been playin’ with yer X-box or sumthin’.

Oh Murph: We’re sorry about that Casey, we’ll try to do better next year. But the Mets Casey, everybody was all excited about the team’s Pythagorean expectation and the positive run differential, surely, you must agree?

Casey: First of all Son, don’t call me Shirley. Second of all, I didn’t understand a word you just said. PiestagaKorean? What is that? Back in the day I’da taken a swing at ya fer that one.

Oh Murph: Sorry Mr. Stengel, we were talking about statistical theories as they apply to baseball. People think they show the Mets are about to turn a corner and be competitive again.

Casey: don’t fret there son, I was just funnin’ with ya. And you know you can still call me Casey. Anyway, I never put much stock in them statistics. Truth is the team finished a distant second and weren’t close to gettin’ in no playoffs. Basically because they stunk at playin’ baseball most of the year. As far as that run differential thing, lookit this here chart I saw on that Twitter thing:
Ya see that there shows yer positive run differential for the first time since 2010. And what happened after that great 2010 season? Well, the GM and the manager both got fired and we got these clowns who just done the same thing, takin’ 4 years to do it, and what happened? They sat around congratulatin’ each other and gettin’ new long term contracts.

Oh Murph: but Casey, the positive feeling, the pitching staff, its changing!

Casey: well some of that might be true, but this game has two parts and the other part is hittin’ and that was terrible. And now that brilliant GM will probably trade off yer best hitter that young Daniel Murphy. And fer what? You’ll get a middle of the pack relief pitcher, and two low A prospects just because you don’t want to pay him what he’s earned?. You call that progress son?

And pitchin’ is something ya gotta be lucky with especially if yer not careful about managin’ it right. Kids today eat too much of them fruit loops and pop tarts fer breakfast, turns their elbows into macaroni. So I wouldn’t hang my hat on that son.

Most of that positive feelin’ came in September after the pressure was off. The Metsies swan dived after the Allstar break for about six weeks while the real contenders were takin’ off.

Oh Murph: Casey, your perspective is amazing as always. Thanks again for everything.

Casey: Yer welcome son. By the way can ya do me a favor?

Oh Murph: sure, anything.

Casey: If ya got one of them Casey bobbleheads can you run it over with your car? I never seen anything that looked less like me and believe me, my head never bobbled.

Standing top step of the dugout
Trying to get a look at the pitch
Then TC said
“Murph, what’s going through your head?”
“Thinking about a calm 3 for 3 ”
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me.

Went from the outfield to first in minute.
Finally settled down at second base.
I go where they say.
Giving my best every play.
Anything less would be a disgrace.
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me

Made it through a season still raking
Only one trip to the dl
The men from the press said
“To all fields Murph is the best”
“We really hope they sign him up soon”
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me.

Saving up my winnings
From the rain delay
Gonna give it all to charity.
If they don’t do me right
To the AL I just might,
I know I’d be a righteous DH!
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me

No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me

Hey! You there! Sol here!

I hit the studio before jetting off to the ASG to watch our boy Murph do his thing.

Inspired by Kanye West, I had the beat from “Bound 2″ on repeat in the Porsche.

Oh by the way, if you see someone in the stands tonight in a Baby Bjorn smoking a Cohiba, it’s me!

(Minnesota) Bound 28

The other players lame and you know it now
When a real hitter holds it down he wears the all star crown (Minnesota) bound
Uh huh Murphy

What you doing at Target field on a Tuesday?
I’d be here every here every year if Koos had it his way.
Made the reserve team but if they need a hit I’m gonna play.
I know I’ve got a bad reputation.
On the base paths far from a sensation.
In the field went from “adventure” to decent.
Am I scared? Well I’ve got a little fright
Whatever you do don’t tell that to D Wright
Monday, I might be up all night …

I know, you’re tired, of watching a team underperform….
But just wait, because next year, I promise, we really should be better than
good (uh huh Murphy)

Open your eyes and while I read some scriptures.
I’m not bad plus we’ve got a thousand pitchers. (Minnesota) bound(2x)
Uh huh Murphy

Hey, do you remember when we first met?
And they said “outfield you’ve gotta per-fect”

Well at least, Im still here halfway thru the season. So maybe I’m still a Met
at thanksgiving

You know damn well I’m on some teams wish list.
Have you ever asked your skip for extra pitches?

Maybe we could still make it to the playoffs. First I need 2 months where we
don’t go soft.

Questioning how your fan days have been spent?
Just know Tuesday night Murph represents.
(Minnesota) Bound he’s AllStar game bound (2x)

Uh huh Murphy

As you all know, Murph will be representing the Mets in the Midsummer classic Tuesday night at Target Field.

Obviously here at Oh Murph we’re elated by this and think the recognition is long overdue. As some of youmight recall, we actually told Murph back in 2009 that he would be an All Star.

Like most things Oh Murph, the prophecy came to pass it just took a long time.

So here we are in 2014 and our boy is the only Met going to represent New York National League baseball. As the President of Oh Murph I take such pride in how Murph has evolved.

Am I the best President I can be? Certainly not. But you know what? Murph isn’t living up to his end of the deal either.

When this thing got started Murph was a punchline. “Oh Murph” was something yelled in desperation among Mets fans whenever Murph took the field.

Now when the question is “Who’s good for two hits a night, every night?” the answer is most certainly “Oh, Murph”

Congrats Murph, you deserve it!

Contractors and home improvement aficionados alike are rushing to get all of the many remaining tickets for today’s game.

No, it’s not the single admission doubleheader drawing people to the park and it can’t be the product on the field.  So why the rush to grab a ticket you might ask?

Today, the Mets are giving away a life size Bartolo Colon poster to the first 15k in attendance.  For those of you redoing your wallpaper at , a trip to Citi would be a good move this afternoon.

As long as you don’t mind your home or office looking like this:


Bartolo was skinny?



The Mets have just gotten MLB approval for their new “Hawaiian Shirt” themed uniform jersey variant and plan to wear it on odd numbered Friday night home games during July and August.

The jersey will be worn over the uniform pants untucked to support the “hang loose” feeling it is meant to generate.

As of now leis will be based on player personal preference and will be optional after the 3rd inning.

The first use of the new jersey will coincide with the inaugural “Pineapple Night at Citi” promotion in July.


Noah Murphy is just weeks old and like many infants he is changing right before our very eyes.

While at first he favored his father, Noah has already morphed his Murph features into a look that’s unique to say the least.

If the Mets provided daycare for players kids during games one thing is for sure. Noah Murphy would be quite popular during rain delays.

Since Murph became a Dad, we’ve been working night and day here at OMDC with one goal in mind.  We had to get the first pictures of Noah Murphy and I’m proud to report that our goal has been reached.

I’ve called off the drones and told the paparazzos to stand down because one lucky cameraman has landed the money shot.  He was perched in a palm tree high above Murph’s Florida compound for three days straight.  He survived on a diet of rain water and Miami Subs but it was all worth it according to the cameraman who asked to remain anonymous.  He was rewarded handsomely with a trip to Uncle Sol’s Boca pad which might actually end up costing him.

Without any further ado I present to you the most elusive infant since the Kardashian kid, Noah Murphy.  I think he favors the Dad.