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Seems that there are mixed reactions to the Church – Francoeur trade.  I personally like it.  Francoeur is 5 years younger and I

think change will do him good, plus his name is kind of cool.  I really liked church and I will miss him.  He wasn’t treated well here so hopefully it will be better for him as well.

Oh yeah… Church just picked up a game in the standings.

For more thoughts on today’s trade:


Mark Bradley from AJC in Atlanta writes that the Braves ran out of patience:  The Francoeur Trade:  A sad but necessary ending.

Espn.com quotes Francoeur being surprised by being traded to a rival, while Church was completely shocked.  Church immediately texted Chipper Jones and states he knows all the mets signs, and he’ll fill the Braves in (bastard!)

Mike Puma from the NY Post now knows that life still exists in the Mets front office.

Gondeee over at Talking Chop in Atlanta likes the deal and breaks down both of their seasons.

Lastly, Braves fan “20+ Year Season Ticket Holder” leaves this note on the ACJ comment section.  This post sounds eerily similar to what Mets fans have been saying for the past two months.  Click here to see over 300 comments from Braves fans regarding the trade.

After 20+ years as a season ticket crazy, I love the Braves, Bobbie and Ted. Thank you.

As for John S., you were the master over time with Bobbie and your talent. Amazing TALENT.

This trade STINKS.
I don’t care if Jeff ever hits a single again.
You, of all people, have demonstrated there is no loyalty.
A Braves hallmark.
I’m done.
Chipper, run now.
John S., you look brighter every day.
And Doggie’s “number retirement” is on the 17th.
Will be a requiem.
Mark Bradley has no idea folks, none, nada, squat…
great writer though.
I love the Braves.
The Braves don’t “want” us.
Nor does the AJC and Mark.
Can’t believe I’m posting for this first time.
Go Braves.

Would anyone like my seats for the rest of the season.
Jeff, never met you.
Do well.
Remember this.

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