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Oh Murph! recently found this letter in the recycling bin outside of CitiField’s executive offices.


Dear Mr. Minaya,
I decided to send you this letter since I have been unable to reach you by phone. I tried dialing the numbers you gave me for your cell, office, and home. I also tried phoning Jerry, David and Jose but no one returned my call. Must be a glitch with those Metro PCS phone plans that you got for us, I love those commercials though “There’s always a Penalty!!!” hahaha.11_16_64---American-Mail-Box_web
Well, anyway, I visited my doctor down the street in the Doc-in-a-box store and he says I’m good to go, so I wanted to let you know.
There’s really nobody here anymore now that Spring Training is over. I asked Carlos (Lantigua, the cleaning man not Beltran) what to do when I couldn’t reach you and he suggested this letter.
Also, just so you know, my Mets credit card isn’t working anymore and the motel says I owe them $645 for the last week. I found out about the card the other night when I went to Chili’s and couldn’t pay for the Chicken Club Tacos I ordered. I tried to sell them a few autographs, but they didn’t want them and made me wash dishes for a couple of hours to work it off.
And Hey, let me know how the team is doing. I can’t get SNY down here. Carlos (yeah, Lantigua again, really haven’t seen Beltran much) suggested I ask you for one of those iPad things. He’s got one and has that MLB app on it and can see all the games.
If you see HoJo let him know I gave up on that standup stance and I’m back in the Pete Rose crouch. Now if I could only find someone to pitch to me I’d be all set. It’s hard to judge your progress hitting fungos against the fence. And the covers are coming of the 4 balls that I found in the drainpipe.
Please let me know soon if I should come up to New York and I hope you can do something about that credit card. I only have about half a tank of gas left in the Civic. I could probably just about make it to Miami if you want me to hook up with the team when they are there.
God Bless You,
Daniel Murphy

2 Responses to “Murph Ready?”

  • Jerry M says:

    Great letter but I like the Murph and hope he will play second base next year. He can hit and will drive more in than Castillo would. Let him take a bench place this year because he wants to be with his team. Let Cora coach him(Cora wants to be a manager some day) a little each day for foot work. He did play 15 games there in Arizona and his manager said he did very well for those games. Let him play fall and winter ball at 2nd base and bring him up there in 2011.

  • Guillermo Benoit says:

    I think Murph playing 2nd is a good idea…..Just like Tony Bernazard taking off his shirt.

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