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So the other day after Murph’s diagnosis Kid forwards me the following email: 
“Hey guys,
I love your website.  It had me laughing so many times last year, a year in which there was very little to laugh about — when it came to Mets baseball anyway.  So thanks for your sardonic wit and amusing posts.  I am a huge Murphy fan, and today, I’m devastated for him.  That clip they showed on SNY was heartbreaking.  Just wondering how you guys were taking the news because — truthfully, I don’t know anyone else who might care.

First Erin, thanks for writing to us and expressing your concern for us. I must admit that I had to look up the definition of sardonic (Kid told me it had something to do with Sardines, he was wrong). You seemed to be the only one who cared until I started to think about it and remembered that someone once told me that if one person writes about it there are a hundred people who thought about writing about it and another hundred who thought about it but didn’t know how to write and so on.
Anyway we were devastated about the Murph news. Here we were getting all these great reports on how he was hitting and getting to try new positions, and with Castillo looking a little like Fred Sanford we thought, hey maybe Murph comes back and plays second and it’s a great story.
Not to be. We keep the vigil hoping for Murph to make a full recovery.
As for us, it’s another story.
I was severely affected with a bad case of writer’s block and was unable to write more than 140 characters at one time.
Kid Carter joined a gym, lost 31 pounds and became an aerobics instructor.
Osse Jurosco joined the Peace Corp and is currently in Zimbabwe ministering to the sick and infirmed. He handles special cases of knee injuries, such as the one’s Murph endured.
Niles Standish joined the Merchant Marines and took passage on a ship to New Zealand. Kid waits by the shore for hours looking for a message in a bottle.
Rhianna Church left several weeks ago to assist in cleaning the waterfowl of the gulf. She wrote recently to say she bathed over 80 Pelicans so far.
So here I am by myself again in the middle of the season still believing that others will pick up the slack.
I really got nothing more than that.
Oh, hey, did you see this picture of Rex Ryan throwing out the first pitch?

Did they put the lap band around his colon?


2 Responses to “Bits and Pieces”

  • Jerry M says:

    I hope Murphy heals faster this time and maybe 2 Months out,but if he needs 3 ok for September. If not he will work on his batting as he did the first time and hopefully play fall or winter ball at second base. I am a Murphy fan and wish him well.He will be back in spring training showing he belongs and hitting a ton.

  • Julian Assange says:

    I will leak very important information in the future

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