nsdfjk The Curse of the Bat Of Murph
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Legend has it the wood was saved from the tree that St. Pádraig’s own Shillelagh, the one he used to drive the snakes out of Ireland with, was made from.

Turned by Leprechauns on a Golden lathe, the bat was aged to perfection and hidden for centuries in an empty tomb covered with a Celtic cross on the shores of county Wicklow overlooking the sea.

Irish immigrants brought the “Bat O’Murph” as it’s been known, to New York during the turn of the century. Hushed discussions ensued about the bat over the Sunday dinner table by stout men with heavy brogues. With their faces red from shots of Jameson, they decided the fate of the Bat O’Murph.

“There will come a son of Erin, Daniel will be his name, and he will be chosen to carry the Bat O’Murph.”

The bat was protected and handed down from Father to Son until one day it’s true owner was identified. In the transition after the confusion following the Charlie Samuels firing, a man walked directly into the Mets clubhouse and left the bat in the locker of Young Daniel Murphy.

The Bat O’Murph was finally home.

It’s been well documented what the Bat O’Murph has done. Young Daniel Murphy’s batting average is still third in the NL.

What has been unknown is the Curse of the Bat Of Murph.

You see once the bat was finally used, it was meant to be used continually. Murph being benched in the game against Atlanta set off the curse.

Now bad fortune has befallen those that have been near the Bat O’Murph.

The Legend is unclear on what will happen next.

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