nsdfjk An Oh Murph Investigation: The disappearance of Kirk Gimenez
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Whatever happened to Kirk Gimenez?

The debonair SNY anchor of Geico Sports Night took the Twitter world by storm quickly building to the 1K follower level. The man was a tweeting machine, and dominated the format with quick wit and friendly banter, seamlessly blending in Spanish phrasing. He eventually added in his patented “Live Tweeting” during his Sports casts.

Of course the Oh Murph crew was all over this encouraging Kirk to use “Sweet sassy molassy” and the greatest call of all time, “Ohhhhhh Murph!” during GSN.

Then after 5000+ tweets in the space of a few months, nada. On or about July 13, Twitter changed. The silence was deafening.

Kirk stopped tweeting.

The Twitter world waited and wondered. Why did “mi hermano” abandon us?

Oh Murph had to know what happened. The 24 hour candlelight vigil held in Guttenberg, NJ produced no answers.

Why had Kirk left us?

The end of August brought a few sparse random tweets from Kirk, but nothing like before. Then the beginning of September saw a few more touting the “moves like Jagger” catchphrase. Was @KirkSNY back?

Finally, yesterday, this tweet from Kirk:

“About to jump out of a plane. Skydiving in Vegas! Say a prayer for me, please!”

Finally a clue!

Oh Murph Investigations worked the wires and finally unearthed the reason for the disappearance of Kirk Gimenez from Twitter.

He’s been working in Vegas on the movie “The Hangover, Part III”


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  • Mike.BTB says:

    As long as he doesn’t take any “roofies” he should come back OK. Keep an eye out for tigers just in case. What happens in Vegas, really should stay in Vegas. But give us Kirk back!

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