nsdfjk Impressions of Opening Day 2012
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I am a Mets Fan. Since 1969 at least, probably a little bit before that.

I never went to an opening day. Bucket List item.

It’s a schlep for me to get to Queens. But yesterday we made it. Drove to Jersey, took a ferry over to Manhattan. 42nd street bus from the ferry, jumped off at the Times square station, got the 7 line. Walk down the steps from the station at CitiField, huge crowd, immediately I see Cow-Bell-Man. Good Omen?

Got patted down by a nice security lady. Old guy tried to scan my ticket twice, then said “ah, go ahead through”. Got the magnet schedule. Bought a program for $5 with the little pencil with ” Let’s Go Mets” on it.

Nice girl at the top of the steps working for the Mets told us to enjoy the game.

Wanted Shake Shack, of course, but the line was longer than I ever saw it. Went to Keith’s Grill instead. Got the Gold Glover. A good burger for sure. And how come I can’t get Tootsie Pops like that from CVS? Nice and large, no chunks cracked off.

Great seats, $90 is still a lot of money though. Section 331, looked over and saw I was at the same eye level as Gary, Keith, and Ron.

Ceremonies were great, nice to hear Ralph in such good voice. Tribute for the Kid, very simple, very elegant.

Funniest thing that happened they announce and now your New York Mets take the field, only Ike Davis runs out and is standing at first by himself for about 20 seconds. The rest of the team dribbles out like they never heard of running out on the field. Hopefully something good was happening in the dugout to delay them.

The game was great. I love a pitcher’s duel, Ace v. Ace. No Chipper helped even things out. What happened to Heyward? Batting seventh, no longer the second coming.

Santana in full control, at least through 4 innings. In a way the 5th was great too. He lost his control, but still fought through, made an athletic stop, then almost threw it away, Ike saving the play with a nice leap.

Then let’s talk Murph. Our little Murph has grown up. He is lethal with that bat. 1 strike, 2 strikes, doesn’t matter, he hits the ball hard. The double was beautiful, first Met hit of 2012. The single in the sixth also hit hard, very clutch. He looked good in the field, handling two routine chances cleanly. Glad Collins took him out for Cedeno in the ninth, smart move, loved seeing it, especially when he grabbed that hot shot for the first out in the ninth.

Actually kind of impressed with Duda in the field, he handled his chances. He looked a little nervous at the plate. Ike also.

Nice to see fully home grown infield. Thole has finally learned to catch balls in the dirt. Also his approach at the plate seemed to be much better, he’s not choking up as much or crouching as much.

The triple could have been a game changer. Torres looked like he had a bead on it, got to the ball, then his ADD meds wore off. Guess that’s when his calf bit him. Good hustle by Duda getting over for back up because if the third base coach was more aggressive, that was an inside the parker. Byrdak was great, very clutch. Bullpen as a whole was impressive, please don’t wear them out.

I’m rooting for this team, they could surprise us.


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