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Here at Oh Murph, we’re just as saddened by the loss of Gary Carter as the rest of the baseball community and we’ve been mulling over a big decision.  You see, we have a Kid Carter of our own.  Although he hasn’t posted in a while, Kid Carter founded this website and he is still a very big part of brain-trust that is Oh Murph.

It was put to a vote, and the result was unanimous.  We’ve decided to honor Gary “The Kid” Carter by retiring our own Kid Carter and raising his alias to the OMDC rafters.

Gary meant a lot to the baseball community, but as Mets fans we all feel a certain closeness to The Kid that really requires no explanation.

Expect a post from our founder really soon unveiling his new OMDC handle, can’t give up that info today.  No, we’re going to keep you guys on the edge of your seat with this one.

I think I speak for the whole Oh Murph family when I say that we’ll all feel great comfort when we look to the heavens at OMDC-HQ and see the name “Kid Carter”.  The man who once graced that glorious field in Flushing and whose name once graced our homepage.

Rest easy Gary


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