nsdfjk Baseball and the Baseball Bromance
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The end of the 2011 season saw not only another disappointing Mets season but the end of a classic bromance: Wright and Reyes.

Although we all as Mets fans felt the sting of Jose jilting us and leaving to take his talents to South Beach, what must have David Wright felt?

This Bromance was baseball classic. Ruth and Gehrig, Mantle and Maris, Seaver and Koosman classic.

Wright and Reyes. They came up together, pushed each other to their all star performance level, then Jose leaves for what? Ramirez and Reyes? Hanley and Jose? It’s just not (W)right.

This week’s sweep of the Marlins and the mixed reception for Jose left no doubt that the relationship on the field is over. Never again will the two be intertwined as before.

So what’s a guy like Wright to do now? Just 29 years old and the senior member of the Mets in terms of service and recently claimed the all time Mets RBI leadership. What other Met can he link up with? Can a baseball player have a second bromance on the same team that is as good as the first?

We at Oh Murph think so.


3 Responses to “Baseball and the Baseball Bromance”

  • liz says:

    PERFECT! DW & #28!

  • Mike.BTB says:

    The front page of them together celebrating after clinching the 2006 Division title hangs on my wall; Sad. But yes, there can indeed be love again!

  • Shannon says:

    Lol you guys are too much! Yes, there will be love again. Hey, check out Murph in the field tonight! I said it before and I’ll say it again…he doesnt get the respect he deserves! Love you Murph!

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