nsdfjk Murph: Let’s Go Streaking
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Our very own Daniel Murphy is in the middle of an 11 game hitting streak and let me tell you, the Oh Murph team is quite proud.  Murph has his fair share of critics but we love the guy, and so do you otherwise why would you even be here?

The hitting streak is very impressive, but BS Upton sent me a stat that I really think says it all about what Murph has been up to.  In the past two years combined, all batters with over 500 at-bats Murph ranks third. Wow I mean, there’s a lot of batters with over 500 trips to the plate in the past two years and to think that Murph is number three is a true testament to his hard work and dedication.

Go Murph! Keep doing your thing.  We’re here supporting you and we think a whole lot of people have your back too.  Any pitcher that sees Number 28 striding towards the batter’s box has to be saying “Oh, Murph!” at this point.

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