nsdfjk Drink Up
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Sol here, you, where? Oh there!

Remember me? I was big stuff on Twitter for a while. I had what?, like 40 regular customers. What?, oh, followers I mean.
Well, I gave that all up, but don't worry, I'm still looking out for your interests, so Stop Worrying!

Listen bubbalas, that phsyco Mayor has decided you're all too fat, and that's why lower Manhattan is so crowded: you're all taking up the space of at least two normal sized people. Why is that? The Mayor says you drink too much soda. Me, I like a Dr. Brown's Celray once in a while. It gives me a good greps. Or maybe some 2 cents plain, or an egg cream.

But you people with your Coke and Pepsi, Mountain Dews, chuggalugin' it like there's no tomorrow, what are you gonna do? 16 ounces? That's not close to enough to wash down four slices of pizza or that Wendy's triple baconator.

Stop Worrying again!

We're here to help. How? The oh Murph Cup! How big is it? Why 28 ounces of course!
How do we do it? A specially designed extension that gets you right in the game.

But Sol, you ask, is it sanitary? Relax! It's not game used (despite my nephew's urgings) it's made from the finest plastic materials available in the south east section of China.

The price? $28 of course! Use your Murphster card and drink up!

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