nsdfjk Nohan: The Oh Murph angle
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It’s been a few days since history was made and like Mets fans everywhere, the Oh Murph crew was elated.  In fact, Osse and Bally were in the house for the monumental game!

Here’s the difference between us and everyone else though, we believe Murph had a crucial role in preserving the no-no and I’m going to tell you why.

Try and follow me here.  It’s inning number eight and there’s two outs, Beltran at the dish.  You know the play I’m talking about, you’ve  dissected this game every which way.  Why do you think I gave you five days?  Anyway, Murph made that play knowing it was high risk BUT also knowing the Quintanilla was positioning to take it on a hop.  If he does, there’s a good possibility Beltran beats it out.  However, there’s always the chance that if Murph blows the play they’ll score it a hit.

Murph weighed the risk of all those intersecting factors and said to himself, Number 57, and every Mets fan that every walked the Earth “I’ve got this” and executed the play with precision.  Not bad for a guy who gets raked for his defense.

So there you have it, No Murph, No No-Hitter.  If you’re a Quintanilla fan and think I’m way off, please visit our sister site OhMar.com I’m just kidding we don’t have a sister.

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