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Sorry for the delay but as I’m sure you alredy know, Murph got married.  It’s kind of tough to do wedding coverage when your invite was supposedly “lost in the mail” so we had to resort to other tactics.  We’re still decoding material returned to OMDC HQ from our official OMDC Drone and Uncle Sol has been missing since we sent him skyward with a long range lens and 20 weather balloons attached to his Segway.

So here is what we have for you: Part one of our wall-to-wall Murph Wedding coverage begins with “blind items” and texts to Murph from other players.  We’ll tell you who sent the texts but the blind items are a little to scandalous to have a name attached to them.  Have fun figuring it out and check back for more real soon.

Which pitcher was hitting on every female party goer and most of the staff working the party? Other guests claim he had the confidence of a man who recenly had a nose job.

Which former Met wasn’t invited but sent Murph a Murph a gift anyway? The gift being keys to his Long Island mansion.  Not because he’s generous, he’s having trouble selling it.

Which member of the front office was overheard begging Murph to come with him on his honeymoon so he could avoid the winter meetings?  Even going as far as offering his and hers massages for the duration of the trip.


“Who is this and how did you get my number” Consider yourself blocked” Carlos Beltran

“Good luck Murph. Btw, I aM fIN e SinCe the, the, wait, uh, oh yeah LaSt cOncUssion” Ryan Church

“Get out of town while you can, and good luck today” Jason Bay