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Hey! You there! Me, Sol here! January 1st already? Must be. Hung over? I hope not.

I came down from my eggnog and Dom induced stupor to wish you all a Happy New Year.  Even though I’m really depressed we didn’t go off the fiscal cliff I realized spring training is right around the corner and here at Oh Murph we have lots to look forward to.  I think my Cohiba budget for the holidays this year was twice what the Mets spent in the off season so I’m sure we’ll have plenty to poke fun at.

Well, I’m off to test drive a hot air balloon.  I’m trying that out as backup transportation when my Segway fails and the Porsche is in the shop.  I leave you with my New Years Resolution for 2013: Worry less, spend more!

Happy New Year from all of us at Oh Murph!  See you in PSL!


Uncle Sol