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Archive for February 11th, 2013

Unnamed Mets organization insiders have disclosed that Sandy Alderson has effectively enacted “plan C” in his pursuit of filling out the thin outfield corps in lieu of Michael Bourn signing with the Indians.

Alderson is now working on signing one or two from a group of players recently disqualified for future hall of fame consideration.

Specifically Alderson, ever looking to keep costs down, is considering Shawn Green and Jeff Conine, both ex-Mets. “We can get these guys on the cheap, plus we still have their old uniforms, so we won’t need new ones for them” said Alderson in a carefully considered and thoughtfully delivered statement.

“Of course, there is, for New York, a certain allure, to the fan, of an ex-Met, re-appearing.” stated Alderson in a sentence that took roughly 18 minutes to deliver.

Alderson also stated that at this time there were no plans to look at Julio Franco, however, if a need arises, there is enough cash to make that happen.