nsdfjk Murph Robbed Gardner
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Two plays that stood out from this amazingly successful Subway Series have to be the ones Brett Gardner made on Murph.  Here at Oh Murph, we’re known for the story behind the story and boy do we have one for you tonight!

Coming up clutch wasn’t enough for Murph, neither was sweeping the season series.  After the game last night Murph was still roaring mad from the thefts courtesy of Gardner and he had a little pilfering on his mind as well.  Nattily dressed in all white and ready for a flight to Miami, Murph slipped into the Yankee clubhouse and hit Gardner where it hurt most.  That’s right, Murph made off with Gardner’s prized “Headblade” shaving razor.  While still able to play, Gardner has been rendered much less aerodynamic for the weekend series with Boston.

Things get worse. The Oh Murph Follicle Research Department has informed us that when Gardner’s does grow his hair out, it sprouts in the same patchy style as Murph’s half-goatee.

We didn’t hear Gardner’s reaction to the missing razor, but we’re pretty sure it involved an expletive or two, and of course an “Oh Murph!”

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  • liz says:

    I HOPE it grows in like the re headed utility players beard. He will be slw as hell with that Amish look.

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