Greetings Murph fans old and new alike and welcome to Oh Murph!

For many of you, this is your maiden voyage and might not be familiar with how we do things here.

First and foremost it’s “All Murph all the time” since we started back in 2009.  Whether it’s an original “Oh Murph” moment or the otherworldly display he’s putting on now that has you saying “Oh, Murph!” if you’re looking for Murph you’re in the right place.

Many have asked, because we’ve been backing Murph since the very beginning “did you expect this?”. Like the rest of you, the answer would have to be no.  What we did expect was solid hitting and being his usual impossible to strikeout self.  If these weren’t home runs they’d be meaningful doubles and we wouldn’t be surprised at all.  The guy is a professional hitter, always has been.  The only thing new is he’s found his penchant for hitting home runs and next to “Professional Hitter” on his business card he can add “October Legend”

So thanks for stopping by Oh Murph! Hope you come back real soon and check out how Daniel Murphy has turned the “Oh” in Oh Murph into something completely different.  When people say “O.H.” Murph now they’re really saying “Our Hero”.  Enjoy the Series and don’t be surprised if you see “Our Hero” continue his “October Heroics”. 


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Hey! You there! Sol here.

My postseason has been going swimmingly, I even bought Julio waterwings!

The Dom has been flowing since Murph took off on this run and I hit the studio on my Segway to show him love.

You know “Truffle Butter” right? Drake? Nicki? Wayne? Well add “Sol” to that list!

Oh and for everyone saying “Sign this one” “Keep that one” I have two words for you: Stop Worrying!

The last time we were this close I was a young man in my middle seventies! Look at me now! Enjoy the ride!

Just know this, Murph is getting great financial advice.  But who reps Cespedes? I bet he has ins at the Cohiba factory!


Murphle Butter


Thinking ’bout that

Murph just gained a couple million his last at bat

Hard to talk playoffs and not how he’s making pitchers crumble

Two things he’s about: getting hits and staying humble

Murphaholics ya here? Ya here right now?

Tell the haters “disappear right now”

Look ya getting all your friends

And ya getting in the car

Coming to the ballpark

Are we clear right now huh?


See he’s a post game fixture

Swinging a big stick sir

5 home runs real quick? Suuuuuuure

Shaking up the postseason picture


If not homers they would be doubles

Giving the best pitchers fits and troubles

Probably left some Cubs fans with bursted bubbles

Another one from Murph?


You know it.  Uh huh…. Yeah (3x)


October 9, 2015

Early Afternoon

Dodger Stadium Visitors clubhouse


“Murph ready for your first playoff game?” an unnamed beat writer asked.

Tired of verbalizing, and ready to let his bat do the talking “Yowzers” he replied.

“Rough at bat Murph, hang with um!”

“Yowzers” he replied


*HOMERUN* Mets dugout


“You’re the man Murph!”

“You’re our hero”

“We love how you hit to all fields”

“Your defense bothers us not”

“If you aren’t offered a long term deal our morale will suffer”

“Yowzers” he replied



“Murph any response to going deep in your first playoff game?”

“Yowzers” he said

“Did you see the imprint of your name on the ball?”

“Yowzers” he replied


Game 2, 7th inning

“How can he be safe? He never touched the bag?” the Mets protested

“Yowzers” was all Murph could muster


Charter flight to NY

“Murph, they said we’re out of dessert options because you raided the cart preflight”

“Yowzers” he retorted a chocolaty grin


October 12, 2015

Early Evening

Citi Field Home clubhouse

“Murph you ready to get this done”

He didn’t reply this time, his looks said it all.


IMG_1436 (1)







You know deGrom and Torres and Verrett and Parnell
You know Robles, and Colon, and Jeurys, and Goeddel
But do you recall
The most spoiled Mets pitcher of all

Harvey the spoiled pitcher
Doesn’t play by all the rules
Matt and his Agent Boras
Treat the fans as if they’re fools
All of the other pitchers
Just throw and avoid all the fame
They aren’t seen in public
Going to a Yankees game

Then this past Labor Day Eve
Boras came to say
Harvey with his pitch count high
He won’t be the go-to-guy

Now Harvey missed a workout
Claims he lost track of time
If he loses as game 3’s starter
The “Dark Knight” won’t be worth a dime

Don’t worry, Murph is alive and well in LA. 


Hi. Daniel Murphy here.

I wanted to make an announcement that would make a big splash. Unfortunately, I haven't got the hook ups with Jeter like Harvey has. So I started to think about it and vaguely, very vaguely, remembered there was this website devoted to me somewhere on the internet.

So I started searching for it a few weeks ago. I searched for Go Murphy, Yo Murphy, No Murphy, So, Murphy, etc with no luck. Then I made a little slip up on the field the other day and I heard everyone yelling "Oh Murph!". Bingo! Here I am.

Anyway, I wanted to just say this. I'm here to play, just shy of 100% or not, and of course that means in the playoffs if and when we make it. You're gonna have to pull more than my quad to get me off that field.

And you don't have to work out any program for me. First, Second, Third, Pinch hit, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

I just wish there were some reporters around here that I could just tell this to instead of writing this here, but, hey, whatevs.

Daniel Murphy Queens Bureau Chief


May 27, 2016 OM Newswire

Terry Collins, Mets Manager in Perpetuity ( see ‘ Collins extended indefinitely’ , OhMurph, April, 2016) announced plans today for a new 12 man rotation configuration for the team’s starting pitchers.

“We’ve been thinking of this for a long time and since I’ve been doing this since before most of you have been born, I think its a great idea.” said Collins.

“What with Sandy refusing to trade any of our young pitchers, David Wright retiring and taking over for Steve Gelbs, and Murph being re-signed to a new 6 year deal, we thought this would be the next step for this franchise.” Collins stated emphatically.

“We have 12 bonafide starters here, how do we get them all the work they need, yet not shred their elbows like a bowl of pulled pork? Here’s what we’ll do: Two starters will work four innings of each game. Starter one will throw innings 1-4, starter two 5-8, they’ll each be limited to 50 pitches.”

Collins answered the question about the bullpen with “we only expect we’ll need six relievers like this”

The question was then raised about this new configuration only leaving roster space for seven position players when in fact the rules allow for eight on the field at one time.

Collins responded: “look, you think we don’t know that? You better have your bench coach make a phone call before you challenge me son. Let me lay it out for you, you ever see us use the shift? We use it more and more every year. We’ve come up with a shift for every player in MLB plus triple A. We don’t need that extra player when we shift. Also, when Noah starts, we’ll leave him in after the fourth to play right field, gotta get that kid four at bats. Same thing with Jake, only we’ll slot him in at Shortstop. Getting back to the relievers, we can have Carlos Torres come in in the fourth, move him to the outfield for three innings, then bring him back in the eighth. This team is flexible, we’ve had Dan Murphy play every position on the field, same with Flores and Duda. You think that was because we didn’t know where to hide, uh, play them? No, it was all pointing to this day”

“We’re gonna be cautious with this staff, no more TJ surgeries for these guys, one is enough”


Sunday was “Magnetic Trading Card” day at Citi Field featuring our very own Murph. You might think it was your run of the mill promotional event, but come on we’re talking about Murph. Do things ever go as planned?

Unannounced criteria to qualify for the giveaway were:

  • First 28,000 fans
  • Must be 28 or under a multiple of it
  • Must be sub par at almost all tasks they try, but be willing to try them all, and be outstanding at just one thing
  • Any leftovers will be donated to a government-funded project on how to eliminate errors at the workplace.

So, did you get a card?


*This post was sanctioned and coordinated by Oh Murph Dot Com in conjunction with Just Murph Dot Com*


Almost 5 years to the day, Casey Stengel returns to oh Murph to give his perspective on the 2014 Mets.

Oh Murph: Casey, we’re once again honored to speak with you. Do you still like our site?

Casey: Yeah, I do son, but you guys kinda strolled through the season, didn’t ya? Sorta like the Metsies did. Kinda showed up once in a while, had a great effort here and there, but for the most part ya sashayed through it like you’d rather been playin’ with yer X-box or sumthin’.

Oh Murph: We’re sorry about that Casey, we’ll try to do better next year. But the Mets Casey, everybody was all excited about the team’s Pythagorean expectation and the positive run differential, surely, you must agree?

Casey: First of all Son, don’t call me Shirley. Second of all, I didn’t understand a word you just said. PiestagaKorean? What is that? Back in the day I’da taken a swing at ya fer that one.

Oh Murph: Sorry Mr. Stengel, we were talking about statistical theories as they apply to baseball. People think they show the Mets are about to turn a corner and be competitive again.

Casey: don’t fret there son, I was just funnin’ with ya. And you know you can still call me Casey. Anyway, I never put much stock in them statistics. Truth is the team finished a distant second and weren’t close to gettin’ in no playoffs. Basically because they stunk at playin’ baseball most of the year. As far as that run differential thing, lookit this here chart I saw on that Twitter thing:
Ya see that there shows yer positive run differential for the first time since 2010. And what happened after that great 2010 season? Well, the GM and the manager both got fired and we got these clowns who just done the same thing, takin’ 4 years to do it, and what happened? They sat around congratulatin’ each other and gettin’ new long term contracts.

Oh Murph: but Casey, the positive feeling, the pitching staff, its changing!

Casey: well some of that might be true, but this game has two parts and the other part is hittin’ and that was terrible. And now that brilliant GM will probably trade off yer best hitter that young Daniel Murphy. And fer what? You’ll get a middle of the pack relief pitcher, and two low A prospects just because you don’t want to pay him what he’s earned?. You call that progress son?

And pitchin’ is something ya gotta be lucky with especially if yer not careful about managin’ it right. Kids today eat too much of them fruit loops and pop tarts fer breakfast, turns their elbows into macaroni. So I wouldn’t hang my hat on that son.

Most of that positive feelin’ came in September after the pressure was off. The Metsies swan dived after the Allstar break for about six weeks while the real contenders were takin’ off.

Oh Murph: Casey, your perspective is amazing as always. Thanks again for everything.

Casey: Yer welcome son. By the way can ya do me a favor?

Oh Murph: sure, anything.

Casey: If ya got one of them Casey bobbleheads can you run it over with your car? I never seen anything that looked less like me and believe me, my head never bobbled.

Standing top step of the dugout
Trying to get a look at the pitch
Then TC said
“Murph, what’s going through your head?”
“Thinking about a calm 3 for 3 ”
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me.

Went from the outfield to first in minute.
Finally settled down at second base.
I go where they say.
Giving my best every play.
Anything less would be a disgrace.
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me

Made it through a season still raking
Only one trip to the dl
The men from the press said
“To all fields Murph is the best”
“We really hope they sign him up soon”
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me.

Saving up my winnings
From the rain delay
Gonna give it all to charity.
If they don’t do me right
To the AL I just might,
I know I’d be a righteous DH!
Lord you know it ain’t easy.
Know how hard it can be?
No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me

No matter how things are going
I hope the Mets retain me